My First Razer brand !

My first 1st razer brand was a mouse when i won a DotA competition at MMu cyber in 2006, preliminary DotA WCG for college. That was 3 years ago and i still using it "lol'.
What can i said here is this brand is very good in quality and it's specially decorate for gamers around the world. Each of us get one as a champion and abit of cash :P and yeah, now i already quit playing this kind of hardcore games and play a casual online games " World of Warcraft"

Btw, i also bought a mouse pad and it's a very smooth surface for the mouse. I recommend for all the gamers, buy and use this brand and u won't regret. It's makes u more pro. Trust me :D

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  1. It seems very interesting game . The games tool also seems high technology.. may be you can put a chat box so you can chat with others player next time..