Interview with Founder of Razer

I've found the article in some random website about the interview with the founder of Razer, Robert Krakoff.
Here some are the Q and A interview. Enjoy :D

Sorry if its too long for ya read.. but there is some info about RazeR

Q. Why did you create Razer?
A. I started out doing consultant work for technical corporations like IBM etc. Introducing new products. So basically when the job was done I would move to another client. One day a technology client chose not to pursue a new technology so I asked if I might have the rights. With that idea in mind I decided to make it work.

Q. Have you been gaming for a long time?
A. Yes, since the 70’s and 80’s when the first console games began hitting the market. I also worked for Activision prior to doing consultant work.

Q. Your Products are innovative and always geared towards everyone. Why not follow your competitors and just cater to the majority?
A. Well, Paul. I’m left handed also, (Knowing that I’m a lefty) but my main concern is the gaming community. Not everyone has the same size hands, nor do they play a game the same as everyone else so I try to focus on everyone, whether they are female with smaller hands or left handed players.

Q. You partnered with Microsoft to create the new Habu gaming mouse, Why?
A. Well, many people have called me and stated that they used to like the style of the old Microsoft mouse, but of course it wasn’t made for gaming. Then one day someone from Microsoft’s hardware gaming division contacted me to possibly venture into creating a gaming mouse that would be the same style as the older intelligence design. Microsoft has lost the edge in gaming hardware and needed Razer. I have not sold out to Microsoft. This mouse is co-branded and this is only the second time Microsoft has done so.

Q. As computers get faster and technology progresses, (i.e., video games becoming more 3D realistic) where do you see Video Hardware Trends going?
A. We have many projects right now in our skunk works. I see the future of gaming becoming a wireless world, which will also be driven by the optical and audio cortex as opposed to the use of hands. I estimate that this will totally take place in the next 10 to 15 years. The problems that are arising with this new technology is that the accuracy of the technology has not come of age. (Latency, too much lag time). Razer’s concept of the future is also portability, so gamers have the flexibility to use products with all gaming genres. Satisfying the needs of all gamers as they become more sophisticated.

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