Headphone Audio ~

A very good HEADPHONE ever lol.
i would give it 9/10. There was a PC fair in KL last month ago and there are many sample of headphone, i got a chance to try it and i felt so lucky :D
A smooth sound system and a clear voice of mine i can hear very well.

Here some intro of this Audio, headphone

The Razer Carcharias is a circumaural gaming audio headset designed for extended hours of gameplay with superior gaming audio, clarity and bass. The Razer Carcharias is a complete and comfortable gaming communications package that gamers can wear for hours on end.

Extended Comfort Circumaural Design
Full over-ear coverage ensures a comfortable fit.

True-to-Life Gaming Audio
Superior clarity and deep, thumping bass.

Noise Filtering Microphone
Cuts out the noise and focuses on your voice.

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