My new mouse pad: The Razer Destructor

I just bought this mouse pad end of last year which it's cost rm100++ It's kinda smooth interface and it was suggested by my friend which using it too. Lowyat is the place to get it cheaper. Hehe.

Let me explain abit of the functionality and some advantages of this mouse interface.

Its was co-designed, tested and validated by some of the most internationally respected and revered eSports teams. The constant input were able to push the boundaries of invention beyond all expectations, a product whose level of refinement is only possible at the highest competitive tuning.

Textured surface for enhanced movements

The root of innovation deception in its proprietary gunmetal coat which yields a highly reactive surface. The result is superior tactility, improved responsiveness and enhanced tracking.

Optimized to improve optical and laser mouse performance

It was made with one primary mission in mind which is to charm the maximum performance from gaming. This is the BEST when compared to other gaming mousing surfaces which are designed specifically for extremely accurate movements.

Ultra-wide size

Measuring 350mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 2.3mm (height), its provides an ample mousing area for lower sensitivity gamers familiar to performing sweeping movements.


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  2. the "TIKUS" is cool! I saw it in penang pc fair... it cost few hundred bucks...!