The latest keyboard. POWAH !

It's specially design for gamers whose joining a lot of tournament and LAN-party. Easily to bring anywhere which a special bag provide. A very good looks and its style :D

There are always some disadvantages for a good product. Here goes same with this keyboard. The cost of this keyboard worth around RM500 which it is too expensive for a medium ga
mer. Also, we need to get pre-order from our local retailer here. It is because the demand of the keyboard is too low in Asia.

e name of the keyboard is Razer Tarantula which is the first definitive keyboard created "For Gamers, By Gamers". A cutting-edge companion to suite of gaming peripherals, it is specially engineered to gamers with seamless control and flexibility.

Anti-Ghosting Capability

With the anti-ghosting capability, you can press up to an extraordinary 10 buttons at one go without the "ghosting" effect (For a conventional keyboard, signal failure occurs when three to four keys are pressed simultaneously). This means more commands can now be executed at any one time.

Onboard Profile Memory

With a 32KB onboard memory up to five on board profiles for different games can be stored. So no matter which LAN party or tournament you go to, all you need to do is bring your keyboard along and you're ready to play.

A Keytop is Eight Times as Responsive

It is the only gaming keyboard on the market with 1000Hz Ultra polling. This means a delay of only 1ms between the keystroke and the key's reaction, as compared to that of 125Hz / 8ms found in conventional keyboards.


  1. OMG! this is so not my thing.. but after reading ur blog i get some knowledge on this computer thingy..good info thou =)